Bear with me. I’m writing this on offline mobile at 10,000 meters. Let’s see how tired and swiping input make for storytelling :-)

On Friday afternoon it became clear that I needed to head up to see Carmella. She did all the travel agenting and I merely had to get from work to PDX by bus and light rail. So here I am on the MAX, passing the downtown Portland Apple store.

The trip takes a long time, but it’s only $2.50, so it’s worth the planning. I’m at PDX a wee bit early, so there’s time for a breather and pix.

Finally we’re boarded onto the “puddle jumper” that’ll propeller us up to Calgary. It’s a quick trip by jet but this is a prop aeroplane, bring a book, change up a spare battery pack, or take a nap.

Ok, the wheels are unchocked and we’ve made it to first in line for take-off. Bye Portland, sorry to be missing the 80 kph winds that are supposed to slam into you tomorrow. I like crazy weather.

Camera, meet prop. We’re over the Canadian Rockies with a window seat and nice visibility. Oh, and it’s winter here!

Google Street View from the vantage of my row.

We’re descending into Calgary, with snow coming down and the small towns already blanketed, their lights and warm glow greeting us as we lower into the view.

Wheels down, Calgary!

There’s a bit of layover time so why not enjoy the people-mover? It’s congenial, civilized, sedate, cheerful, unthreatening… I feel like a tiny bit of Disneyland fell into the airport.

Up again, another puddle jumper. Another nap, another descent. The snow around Edmonton is wilder and deeper. Winter survival thoughts enter, unbidden.


It’s cozy inside. We make breakfast for her parents, then Carmella goes online with her ladies. Today there’s technology to discuss!

Cricket is far more interested in what I’m doing in the kitchen. So many spices, so many good smells!

Time for some walking and hand-holding, best done in warm malls. Our trip to the West Edmonton Mall is interrupted by their light rail system…

We’re almost there, so the game becomes finding a parking spot that’s not too far from an entrance — that way you can leave jackets in the car rather than drag them around the mall.

Risking my foodie cred, I have to give a shout out to an unexpected delight from a pedestrian source: KFC’s Belgian waffle work maple aioli surrounded by two breaded chicken breasts! Tastes like something snagged at a festival, satisfying and decadent. Really fun, and nobody had ever heard of it. Bam!

More walking and shopping done, we needed to recharge! Time to sup at Earl’s, where we dined from the happy hour bar menu. Crispy ribs, steak, and coconut shrimp rocked! Juan, our bartender-server made a fabulous carafe of coffee!

It’s Canada, so snow. I heat up the car and watch the wipers brush away the powdery snowfall before I can once again see outside.

Sunday at YEG: hey, I’m on the last flight south to the USA. This whole terminal is getting ready to close around us. It’s strange, given that it’s the late afternoon.

Bye for now, northern land of snow and wind! Until we meet again! I’ve grown to love Edmonton: a year-round festival city of ice castles, walking paths galore, delightful residents, and myriad foodie delights.

Another experiment in 360 immersion:

Hello Seattle! Nice Space Needle!

Last leg, to PDX. I get a much earlier flight and it’s a jet, so I’m happy!

Okay! That’s a quick weekend jaunt north. Thank you for coming along. Tomorrow, work!

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