Another day, another walk to and from Nike.

Oregon has a very rainy autumn, winter, and spring. The mosses on this mailbox are happy and healthy.

Most of my chosen route is rural, but the last leg evolves into suburban business parks and schools; I pass middle and high schools (hidden by the trees, at left) every day.

I approach the TriMet (the Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon) Merlo Garage, where maintenance is done on buses and light rail train cars.

Security. The garage isn’t a DYI kind of place.

This is what the “beg buttons” (as the Edmontonians call them) look like in Oregon. I’ve noticed that many of them are broken: the silver plungers are stuck in the down position.

MAX Blue Line car 229 (a 1996-1998 Siemens SD-600 Type 2, says my train savant son Isaac) at the Merlo Rd/SW 158th Ave MAX station, the stop closest to Nike.

I love the sounds and lights that herald the crossing of the MAX trains, and checking out their various advertising wraps.

Nike Rogue/Swift

Okay, I’ve made it to work. Time to cross the parking lot and whip out my badge. We’ve got medium levels of security, whereas other buildings with creative designs being made sport “KEEP IT TIGHT” warnings everywhere, even asking employees to be careful when taking selfies, lest competitive information leak out via whiteboards or new shoe designs being caught in the background.

In addition to the more traditional workspace, our building has two wings with two-story floor-to-ceiling glass, with open collaboration space and small- and medium-sized conference rooms.

Here’s the other side, with a self-serve snack bar at the left, and at the far end you can see the second-story passageway to the next building.

The walk back home

The day done, I’m back in the forest, returning to Aloha. The bleached white color of the new pine tree growth is a marked difference than the deep green of the older, established plant.

I may have mentioned how wet Oregon is much of the year. This log is soggy and colonized by the mosses; it got the rain over this winter season.

Home again. Time to do laundry, catch up on some work reading, make a meal and get some sleep before I do it all over again :-) Thanks for coming along today.

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