Carmella has been fostering cats for a long, long time. A half-year ago she got a litter of three brothers — Yogi, Pancake, and Thor — each with very distinct personalities.

Thor adopted me, doting on me each time we met. He’s quite the cuddle bunny, the outside of aloof. Carmella did a great of bringing out his personality: he fetches, walks on a leash, knows his own name, and wants to be involved in everything.

Every time I was in Edmonton he stopped being a pack animal and hung on my every move. He was more connected to any cats I’d encountered.

After a dismayingly short time it was obvious I’d be a “foster failure.” Every time we were together it was obvious that we were well-matched.

Carmella did all the paperwork and one day Thor and I headed to the airport. (This was the first day of the great SFO runway maintenence fiasco of 2019. The direct flight Carmella booked was canceled at 0600. We were offered a trip through Toronto; twice across the continent! Finally the airline got its through Calgary.)

Thor’s first impressions of California were the screeching wheels of BART, which he braved very well, especially considering the long hours, multiple flights, and unfamiliar situations.

Thor quickly made the neighborhood his, from the Canada geese at the lagoon to my papyrus around in and out of the house. He’s met dogs, cats, hummingbirds, and butterflies.

There’s a lot here in the Golden State that’s different than Edmonton. Neither winter hares, snowbanks, nor -40 temperatures. I suspect he’ll wind up traveling back and forth, as soon as went got his frequent flyer numbers set up.

Rather than turning this into a nonstop car fest we’ll keep day – to-day cat things on Thor’s Instagram account: @where.thor.goes.

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