Happy Birthday, Carmella!

A week ago Carmella shared with me a song that touched her: ♫ I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz.

With her birthday a week away, I spent my free time collecting some pictures and videos taken during my trips up to see her in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and assembled the love-letter (love-video?) you see above.

iMovie 10 went insane managing its background processes and corrupted the version on which I’d spent a week, so with less than 24 hours before Carmella’s birthday I started anew, rebuilding the movie and converting a half-dozen more stills.

Half an hour before midnight — when I traditionally wish Carmella a happy birthday via Facebook — I was still stitching together the final touches, rendering the complete video, and uploading to YouTube.

How do elements in still picture move?

I spent a bunch of time converting many of the stills into motion photographs in Photoshop via the “2.5D parallax” technique. Here’s an example:

I may do a follow-up about this technique, converting my notes into a step-by-step guide…

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