It’s with great sadness that I heard about the death of Black Rock Ranger Bourbon (Andy McDonald) by his own hand.

Bourbon and I served the Burning Man community for decades, where he was an empowering and steadying influence, always providing a can-do attitude and steadfast attention during shifts.

Bourbon served off-playa too. In the United States Coast Guard he was a shipboard intelligence officer doing border patrol. At the USCG Pacific Rescue Coordination Center he was an Operations Controller/Search and Rescue planner. Bourbon was also a law enforcement maritime trainer.

There was more to Bourbon than compassion under the collar of authhority. He worked as a Sous Chef at the Hotel Seeburg, in Luzern Switzerland, and was Lead Prep Cook at Purple Cafe & Wine Bar, in Seattle.

These pictures are how I saw him [link] shortcode error: can't find "Burning Man". He was a happy vehicle-mounted Ranger, one of the Ranger Shift Lead cadre, and part of the Ranger Training Academy.

Bourbon will be missed, greatly, by all of those who served with him. I’m grateful to have spent time with Bourbon on- and off-duty. RIP, old friend.

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