Whoa! I’m up early! It’s 0300 and I’m standing outside, looking at the setting moon. Why outside? Why this crazy hour? Read on, please…

Why up? Because Carmella’s ashore, within a cellular network, and she’s called me from Cobh, County Cork, Ireland. Why outside? Because I’ve got a roommate now, and an apartment above and another below, and nothing good can come from chatter in the middle of the night.

It’s raining in Cobh, so Carmella’s donned a disposable rain jacket from the cruise ship line. I’m mapping her path from a third of the way around the planet, looking at reviews and recommendations, and vicariously enjoying the “flat white” she’s sipping whilst waiting for her admittance to the Titanic Experience.

She found Aunty Nellie’s Sweet Shop all by herself :-)

She’s heading into the exhibit, and I need to get back to sleep. There’s work in a few hours.

Yeah, not as much sleep as I would have wanted. Her travels and my work have me up right along with the sun. This is the view from Elmonica Court, where I’m staying, two blocks from Nike.

On my way into Nike I have to content with exceeding expressive Canada geese. They’ve been coming through lately, perching atop our buildings, screeching and hollering. Mating season, I presume. They’re not aggressive to humans so things stay interesting rather than dangerous.

Much of my day I spend in meetings, staying atop the progress of teams so our group can have testing in place (both in-country and in-geo (in the geographical regions where the software is going live)). (Note to Nike Security: I am “keeping it tight” by blurring the Agile board and screen content.)

Seth, the most experienced with all the phases of content creation and delivery at Nike, makes my days easier by volunteering all the knowledge transfer I can handle :-) Thank you, Seth.

Here’s the decorations along a Nike hallway.

The Nike Ronaldo Field, named after soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, the field that I mentioned had cardboard coyote cutouts to keep away the Canada geese, is reopening today. The Portland Thorns are going to help with the festivities. Unfortunately I was stuck in meetings, but I bring you a picture of the field sans the Thorns.

On my way home I head out in a different way and come across the Nike Campus Running Trail, a wonderfully-manicured wood chip path. This is definitely on my to-do list.

And that’s my long day. I have to get some sleep before someone calls me once again in the middle of the night :-)

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