1, 1000 Airport Road, Edmonton International Airport, AB T9E 0V3, Canada

Today I was lucky enough to be the first person off the plane after arriving at Edmonton International Airport (YEG).

Backstory: The flight from San Francisco seems to always get dumped out at the gate furthest from the area in which Canadian border security, luggage carousels, and customs are housed. There’s a walk, a long walk, with at least three “slidewalk” sections (which you’ll see in the video). Some airports make the new arrivee suffer endless advertisements, others have featureless walkways, but YEG delights with a motion-activated light and sound show that gently encourages movement in the direction of the passport-checkers.

Why lucky? Because I got to enjoy (and capture) the show in an untriggered state, from the beginning, and without waves of waddling penguins blocking the view.

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