After the sea voyage from Vancouver we arrive in Juneau. As we disembark I take a photo of our must-return time. This is a good reminder when the day gets interesting and we can’t remember the (varying) times in each port. Don’t miss the boat.

In the main square, we pose for our obligatory new-destination photo. It’s a crazy-warm day in Alaska, about the same temperature as San Francisco. I have a jacket in my backpack but don’t need it now. Even always-chilly Carmella has hers wrapped around her waist.

Another 360° photosphere, this one of central Juneau.

New photo by Michael Sattler / Google Photos

In one of the shops for tourists, we come across this wonderfully tongue-in-cheek reflection of tourist sensibilities. In truth, there’s more to Juneau than the clock.

We visit a few of the shops, but find the small eateries much more interesting. Each of the vendors is wonderfully conversational, with a tale of how they came to live here, or the juxtaposition between their daily lives now and their memories of the “lower 48”.

We visited coffeeshops, bakeries, small restaurants; grazing here and there.

The high point of the day, at least for me, was the salmon ice cream at Coppa, a small stand near the dock. The saleslady loved our reactions to the wonderful combination of the savory and the sweet. There’s nothing quite like having a new food in a new place, and this surely qualifies.

Supper-time happens today as we’re scheduled to leave port, so we spend as much time as we can on land and then – in the last minutes – head back, clear security, toss my pack in the room, and return to the main dining room.

It’s a special occasion, a cake is delivered to Harry, and our stewards come around to sing and clap. Thank you, gents.

360° photosphere from our balcony, overlooking Juneau.

New photo by Michael Sattler / Google Photos

The last 360° photosphere was so good that evidently I felt compelled to take another.

New photo by Michael Sattler / Google Photos

We’re moored back-to-back with our sister ship, the Holland America Oosterdam. With Darlene on another videochat (taking advantage of the on-shore cellular service), we watch as a crewman aboard her does a mime routine for the crew on our ship. Then we’re cast free from the dock and, once again, we’re underway.

New video by Michael Sattler / Google Photos

The sun sets as we return to our balcony, feeling like we’re on a river cruise, the land is so close-in.

Everyone comes out for the view. Carmella chats up the neighbor couple, spinning her own tales. The heat of the day is gone with the sun; a chill descends upon us, and Carmella dons a wool blanket until we go inside.

Our next stop: the Hubbard Glacier.

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