Earlier this year, Carmella and I created the The Rangers Love Tarot Deck. They’re high-quality card stock, dense, so we could only pack a handful or so decks. Some were destined to be gifts, lightening our load. By the time we got to AfrikaBurn’s Tankwa Town we had a few, but not enough to gift an entire city.

Carmella came up with a solution: allow participants to select two tarot cards at random, with the following rules:

  1. The first card is for you. It’s meaning pertains to you.
  2. The second card must be gifted to someone you don’t yet know.
  3. Explanations about the card meanings may be found in the booklets we left at the Zendo, which “provides a supportive environment and specialized care designed to transform difficult psychedelic experiences into valuable learning opportunities and even potentially offer healing and growth.”

This last rule was a brilliant bit of social engineering: the Zendo staff had complained that people didn’t know what they were, or where they were located. By driving participants to the Zendo, Carmella greatly increased the number of people who found their way there and learned about their services.

This page shows some of the card-picking interactions.

















Now it’s time to patrol the Binnerkring at night.

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