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We endure the challenging drive up winding Signal Hill Road to the summit — 669 meters (2200 ft) above the waterfront — to walk around from Lion’s Head to Lion’s Rump on Signal Hill, the well-known overlook to the city. The view and the sunset are spectacular, well worth the time.

We timed our excursion to arrive while the sun was up, and we could safely explore (and have a celebratory picnic) before it got dark. We got to see the distinctive fynbos and Renosterveld vegetations.

Much as I wanted to, we didn’t see the caracals about which we’d been warned (by both people and road signs). See also: the Urban Caracal Project and the following video of a caracal, taken by Louis Stanford.

New video by Michael Sattler / Google Photos

As our walk and picnic came to an end, the sun began setting, painting the skies with yellows, pinks, and oranges. I understand why Signal Hill is such a popular spot.

The best part of the trip was as the skies got darker and the Cape Town lights came on, looking like gems on a black velvet background, with Table Mountain the cherry atop the sundae :-)

By the time we drove down from Signal Hill I was in love with the Cape Town vibe, so similar to San Francisco’s Twin Peaks and yet so different.

Tomorrow we’ll do a Cape Town waterfront walkabout.

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