Mac Sometime in the late 1990s…

This web site has been around since sometime in late 1993 or early 1994. It’s always been created on Apple [link] shortcode error: can't find "Macintosh" trailing in a sad third place.

I’ve used a variety of tools to maintain this site. In the early days it was enough to use Apple’s basic text editor TeachText, later SimpleText. For the longest time I used Bare Bones Software’s BBedit powerful text editor. These days I render a site – pour the content into the look-and-feel – with Userland [link] shortcode error: can't find "Frontier".


For graphics I use Thorsten Remke’s shareware program GraphicConverter for almost everything. Adobe PhotoShop does the rest.


I use Big Brother”to check the integrity of my rendered web pages. To find the exact RGB values for a color I see on-screen I use Mark Womak’s ColorSieve. To make animated GIFs I use Yves Piguet’s GifBuilder. To bridge the gap between my [link] shortcode error: can't find "PowerBook" and my web servers I use Emmett Gray’s Fetch-O-Matic.


Browser? I use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer because it seems to be faster and more stable on my [link] shortcode error: can't find "Macintosh"


My annoyance du jour with Navigator (both 3.04 and 4.05 for Macintosh) is how it renders my backgrounds. Explorer on the right, Navigator on the left. So I’m back to using a solid background.


These pages are designed to load as quickly as possible, on the widest variety of web browsers. To that end we have no JavaScript rollovers, no applets, and no large graphics (other than the subjects being covered, and those ought to have small thumbnails which show you a preview of what you’ll be seeing). I suggest type and background colors, but your individual choices will override mine (as it should be).

Best of all, these pages come with a person who cares. Got a question, an issue, or a comment? I’d love to hear from you.

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