First thing this morning we got an email saying or Amtrak train had a change in schedule, and we needed to call the main office.

Carmella, with statue entitled “Woman in a Wetsuit”. Seriously.

New photo by Michael Sattler / Google Photos

Several hang-ups and three-quarters of an hour later we’re told that an avalanche has blocked the train tracks, and that we’ll be bused the last leg of the journey, from Everett, WA, to Seattle.

New photo by Michael Sattler / Google Photos

Then an email confirmation for an upcoming flight shows the wrong month, and that’s a half-dozen hang-ups and a couple of hours later, and several customer service reps and one manager, and Carmella navigating the airline website faster than the agent, and that’s re-booked.

And the rain.

So it was a day indoors until the evening, when we went with friends to C Restaurant for a 9-course seafood tasting menu. Most interesting, and well worth the wait. The view from our table:

New photo by Michael Sattler / Google Photos

A very pretty place, full of mist and bridges.