We’ve had a most pleasant winter and, now, springtime. The weather never required more warmth than was provided by shorts and a tee-shirt.

A few days ago I was women by the morning chirping of excited songbirds, and I’ve seen more than a few hummingbirds flitting between the lemons and oranges on my neighbors’ trees on their way to flowering sweet flowers.

This idyll has been born temperate and dry. So it came as a bit of a shock when the rain began to sprinkle a few minutes ago, and then in earnest.

I finished the last bit of daily walking wrapped in Gore-Tex, enjoying the smell of new rain and dusty earth being disturbed. Perhaps not as much as the snails are enjoying it.

The snails are out in force, dominating the sidewalks, hunting something, or on their way to better pastures, so to speak.

Meteogram Pro shows we’re in for at least a day and a half of rain, so I’ll be falling asleep to the sound system of raindrops on the roofs, driveways, and gardens in my semi-urban space.

Dark has fallen, but perhaps tomorrow will bring more interesting sights.

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