For the Jeep’s second year at Burning Man I tried a few new tricks, including loading most of the supplies on top of the roof rack. Remember, we were driving up with four people. This is what she looked like after a grocery shopping in Reno.

Since we were on the desert pre-event, we were able to track over to Frog Pond and hang out under the trees. Not pictured are a few head of cattle that joined us periodically.

One of my assumed duties as the Kidsville Ranger was to start with a blank piece of desert and lay out all of the roads and paths before other campers arrived. While the Jeep wasn’t parked much during my shifts, it did become part of the social scene. Here’s Isaac, atop the Jeep, with the family of his BFF.

When it was parked, it became another play structure for the kids. Shooing everyone out at bedtime was not an easy thing.

Speaking of bedtime, Isaac and I often preferred sleeping under the stars, atop the Jeep. Covering us with a survival blanket attached by large clips kept us warm at night and chilly after the sun rose and began to bake the desert.

At Ranger headquarters, on the esplanade, are rangers Rat Bastard and Beauty. And just a couple of years the Jeep has been the backdrop or the stage to more participants’ photos than I ever expected.

Burning Man over, it’s time to drive back to the Default World. By next year I hope to have fixed a few more things on the Jeep.

See y’all soon!

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